teaching_3Billie facilitates workshops and seminars on publishing and drama ministry for churches, organizations and ministry groups across the country. Her best selling book, “THE REAL DEAL: A Spiritual Guide for Black Teen Girls” has been used as curriculum for singles ministries, Girl Scout troupes, Vacation Bible School classes and rites of passage programs for teens.

Her “PUBLISHING 101 and PUBLISHING 102: ALL ABOUT MARKETING” classes for Norfolk State University’s (Norfolk, VA) School of Continuing Education have made her the local “publishing guru of aspiring writers and authors” (fiction, non-fiction; Christian based plays–dramas and comedies).

Billie’s “10 Points for Aspiring Writers and Authors”



1. Ready to learn how to research “your market”

(your potential customers)

2. Ready to research publishers and their current needs

3. Willing to invest in attending writer’s conferences (try

local and state-wide conferences first)

4. Willing to take advantage of writing opportunities that may come your way (magazine articles, letters to newspaper editors, blogs, writing plays for special church events, etc.)

5. Open to constructive and instructive criticism and

analysis. How else do we grow as writing professionals?



1. Too quick to move too soon (publishing yourself or taking on a huge drama ministry project)!

2. Too quick to think that your very first draft is THE book or

THE play; it’s only the first of many drafts to come–

writing and re-writing to make it the best that it can be!

3. Too defensive or possessive of your “work/ baby”. Is it to

be shared (sold), performed or hoarded?

4. Ignorant of the “business” side of publishing!

5. Too quick to go for the “quick and fast” promising “fame

and fortune”. Understand that what you place in the

market is a direct reflection of you, your morals and your

value system. What should the consumer know about




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